User Agreement

The agreement between the management company who platform and Crypto Primus (hereinafter - Service) with the company's service users - registered in system (hereinafter referred to as the user), which defines the principles of interaction, and both sides the degree of responsibility.

The agreement by both business users and binding

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Interactive services and users is achieved by Crypto Primus internet company - located online resources.
  2. To use the service provided by our service, each user must Sign up at the website and internet Sign in.
  3. All user registration and internet service is available for Crypto Primus user who have reached the age of majority (typically 18 years) all the people in the law to take action.
  4. The decision on the site is registered by the user exclusive.
  5. Each user can only register once, and only one user account (otherwise, the account will be blocked no chance of recovery).
  6. By being registered at Crypto Primus platform Site users accept terms of Service which are stipulated in the present Agreement, and they are obliged to comply with the rules of operation at the platform.
  7. Users should recognize that in all photoelectric Crypto Primus internet website, video and text information copyright subject matter; it is recommended to introduce and exclusive purpose of providing
  8. Users need to use & bears responsible for information receives from Crypto Primus internet site.
  9. Minimum amount of investment is $100 and the largest amount of investment is no more than $5000 depending on your status.
  10. Profit of investors from trading will be in monthly portfolio range.
  11. Profit accrued daily trading results
  12. The recommended investment term is more than 143 days.
  13. User may request Profit and bonus out Monday to Saturday.
  14. The application process money out may be completed manual within 24 hours, we are currently working for auto Withdrawal.

The user's personal account

  1. Means using a service that contains a real E-mail address, a unique login and payment details personal accounts.
  2. In the account registration, the user is recommended to use unique data: login (user ID) and password (a complex set of letters and numbers not less than 6 symbols).
  3. The user account is a major tool to receive information and economic interests.
  4. If the user account may be in violation of this agreement is temporarily or permanently locked.
  5. Account details can be changed from the corresponding service receives the request after a user.
  6. Personal account data are based on reliable technical support, which is not subject to disclosure or transfer to third parties.
  7. Under account possible, be deleted exists no activity within six months from the user.

The rights and obligations of users

  1. Users must register their personal accounts using Crypto Primus internet.
  2. Users have the right to:

    1. Registration for and use a personal account;
    2. Using information Crypto Primus internet website to obtain pecuniary advantage;
    3. Marketing tool used to receive in accordance with the terms of the affiliate program additional compensation;
    4. By submitting a corresponding application program to introduce any changes to the settings required for individual accounts;
    5. receives reliable and timely information.
  3. User is obliged:

    1. To comply with the rules of operation Crypto Primus internet site and this Agreement.
    2. Indicate the account registration process real personal data: E-mail address and payment details;
    3. Reserved entry data security considerations, and is responsible for their losses;
    4. Use anti-virus software to prevent his account from unauthorized access;
    5. Notification service, if the password is lost, or to enter the account data has become available to third parties.
    6. Inform the user, in the case of non-compliance with this Agreement, the service has the right to take remedial measures, such as locking the account until all the circumstances are clarified.

The rights and obligations of service

  1. The service is responsible for technical maintenance of the website and provides 24- ready access to a user's account.
  2. Service the authority to:

    1. Requires the user to accept, if his account does not abide by the results of this agreement, locking a complete identity;
    2. User’s email address to send system notifications, newsletters, and market information;
    3. Refuse to provide services without justification;
    4. Notify the user to decide to change the conditions for cooperation. Account of one of the following situations may occur lock:
    5. Access to another person
    6. Multiple account registrations
    7. Added software and services through the use of bots
    8. To try and deceive other users deliberately distorted.
    9. Customers, employees or any negative damage services insult.
    10. About service, as well as in any other case, when the user including threats to the service and / or other negative information on the distribution of users.
  3. Service obliged to:

    1. provide 24-hour access to the site;
    2. ensure that the user's personal data security, it will not be disclosed to any third party;
    3. Timely and fully inform all users of the change and development.
    4. Results accumulated fiscal reward cooperation with Crypto Primus user's internet website (economic profit accrued and paid on a regular basis to participate in the affiliate program) and processes the user's application of the deposits and withdrawals of funds

Financial mutual settlement

  1. Accept the terms of this Agreement means that an investment process may be involved in the transfer of funds and financial management to full service.
  2. Fully managed by the acceptance of financial funds. It is done through electronic payment systems.
  3. Deposit and withdrawal of financial funds followed by the user's own payment system done through recommendations: Bitcoin, and another
  4. Acts within the framework of financial profit fully managed service results are automatically included in the Declarations section «for Investors» users of the Site amount of balance.
  5. Provision of the Fund is carried out according to the user manual processing applications.
  6. The user is notified and agree to the waiting period of the agreement announced withdrawal time may be extended, since the operation of third-party payment mechanism fails, and the force major cases. User acknowledges that these factors beyond the ability of responsibility and service.

Validity of Agreement

  1. This Agreement shall become personal accounts Crypto Primus internet website by registered users after the effective management of its entire period of full or affiliate program is still valid in cooperation between users and services.
  2. The Service reserves the right to decide to introduce amendments and additions to the text of this agreement has no right to any notice.
  3. The user is strongly advised to check the contents of the agreement from time to time, time changes and additions.

Service Information

  1. If desired, the user can communicate with the following channels to contact Service Representative:

    1. Feedback form in Crypto Primus internet site;
    2. Services e-mail address in the field;
    3. Official community services Facebook